Breakthrough Software Allows You to Create Your Own Unique Lead Magnets In Minutes – Without The Headaches, Hassle Or Expense!

Demo Video Below (Not a hypey Sales Video, just the software in action)

From: Randy Smith & Anton Lomax

Listen up – In just a moment we’ll show you how this brand new software can help you grow your business in record time, but First, I wanted to give you a VERY QUICK History Lesson about Anton and Myself (Randy Smith).

EIGHT Years ago, Anton approached me with a product idea and we developed it into a product that made us Thousands of dollars.

(OK Randy, and the point is?)

Then Anton went back to doing his ‘internet stuff’ and I continued to build my business.

Eight Years Later, We’ve Teamed up Again, Here's WHY.

Anton is now 65 and has realised he’d like more than just his retirement pension to live on. He dabbles here and there online and makes a few dollars from time to time.

Randy on the other hand (that’s me 😉 speaking about myself in the third party, does that make me important or impotent? ... haha), Continued to BUILD MY LISTS, and Market to them, Got a business partner, formed a UK Registered Company, and now another as a holding company (Tax perks), Created and launched products, continued to add to my lists and etc. etc.

You get the picture…

Anton still dabbles and makes money here and there.

Randy (this is weird) has been making a fulltime income since 2006, Has MULTIPLE Products, Websites, Squeeze pages, and of course, a Large List of Subscribers to whom I recommend other people’s products to – and make regular commissions. (I could go on but don’t like sounding boastful)

The Point Is

The only real difference between the two of us, is that Anton took his earnings, spent them, and continued to jump from one thing to another.

Whereas I BUILT MY LISTS and re-invested some of my profits into creating More web real estate, More Products, More Lead Magnets, and kept doing what was working…

I’ll end this brief history lessons with a Question.

Go ask any successful marketer what the ONE THING he Values the most is? 

I Guarantee Over 90% Will Say Their List. 

OK OK Randy, I get it…. Building a list can help build a regular income.

So What's This New Software Do And Why Would I Want or Need it?

So glad you asked 😉

The main reasons you’ll WANT this software – is that the CHALLENGES for most who ALREADY KNOW that List Building is a MAJOR Part of being successful online are all met in MINUTES using DIYLeadMagnets! Do these challenges Stop or Slow YOU down?

You're not an expert writer.

Because of this you struggle to come up with content ideas for new lead magnets. 

You Don't Have The Time.

You have so many other things going on in your business finding the time to create new lead magnets is tough. 

Managing Lead Magnets Sounds Time Consuming.

You don't really want to be managing hundreds of different pages, you have a business to run. 

The Whole Thing Sounds Too Difficult.

Building multiple income streams from scratch sounds like something reserved for the big companies. 

You Can't Seem to Find a Proven System That Works.

You keep bouncing from system to system only to find nothing really works. 

You Could Also Outsource This on Fiverr
If You Can Afford it.

Of course, you don't have to spend thousands on JUST ONE lead magnet, nor spend countless hours trying to figure it all out, as we have the perfect solution for you that will allow you to create DIY Lead Magnets in minutes!

Announcing ...

Our New Software has been specially developed to allow you to create UNIQUE Lead Magnets in minutes ...
... WITHOUT The need for writing a word. (Or paying someone else hundreds or thousands of dollars to do it for you,)

AND, you can create AS MANY as you want, anytime you want!

You Can Create a Lead Magnet in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1 - Choose Your Lead Magnet
Step 2 - Add Your Content From Our Library
Step 3 - Publish Your Lead Magnet


You can create as many lead magnets as you wish, in as many niches as you’d like to.

You can add affiliate links inside to make commissions..

You can link to an offer, either an affiliate offer or your own after you get the opt-in.

You’ll have a growing list to send recommendations to as often as you like.

The DIY Lead Magnet Software Includes!

A Database of Over 20,000 Articles

Thousands of Images at Your Disposal

The Ability to Make Each Magnet 100% Unique

Wait - There's More!

The ONLY thing our software doesn't do - Is create a cool ECover!

So we've INCLUDED Access to Our EcoverWizard in our members area!

This will allow you to Create Amazing 3D Ebook/Report/DVD Covers In Seconds WITHOUT PHOTOSHOP ...Easily!

Why waste $99 on one single design, when you can create as many unlimited high definition covers as you want in minutes?

Want More Proof that ANYONE can
Benefit From Using DIY Lead Magnets?

David Wakeman

Building Lead Magnets can be a real pain. Formatting the ebook, adding book covers and turning it into a product can be a daunting task.

Randy and Anton have created another winner. DIY Lead Magnets takes all the guesswork out of the process. You now have the ability to create a professional looking lead magnets in a matter of minutes.

Everything is there and it’s drop dead aeay. I was blown away by how quickly I was able to build my lead magnet. The finished product looked like something I would have paid hundreds of dollars to have created.

Stop struggling with building a lead magnet, DIY lead Magnets is the way to go.

David Wakeman
Keith & Mandy

"Hi Randy & Anton

Thanks for allowing us to review your new software DIY Lead Magnets.

Everyone must know by now that they need to build a list, but  creating reports to give away takes a lot of time and effort.

With your new software they can literaly do it in minutes. It's so easy to follow, I didn't even look for instructions, just enter a few bits of text, click a few buttons and it's done!

So we can definitely recommend a DIY Lead Magnets for every one, especially those who are short of time and need something quick and simple to use."

Keith & Mandy
Gary D Flores

Now here’s a time saver. I’ve taken a look at the DIY Lead Magnets software and there is more to it than just a simple ebook lead magnet software, you can easily generate something really valuable to your audience with just a couple of minute of your precious time.

I just went and see what niche sites I wanted to promote and easily choose the topics, chapters and articles I wanted to create and easily build, tweak and enhance the book from the software itself.

I like the simple setup of the software and if you are creative you’ll get endless ideas for the use of this software.

Gary D Flores
Robin Joyce

DIY Lead Magnets

DIY Lead Magnets taught me to systematically produce my first e-book for a lead magnet.

I followed the 3 basic videos (6 minutes total), then edited it with the other 6 minute video, which provided the options to import text and images.

Creating and adding an e-cover (2d, or 3d) is covered by another 2-minute video

For those with the upsell. A vast array of articles and images are provided, covering many niches.

After completing my first e-book, the process is simple to repeat for any lead magnet that I will need in the future.

If you (like me) have not produced an e-book for a lead magnet (or other purpose), you need this programme to achieve your first complete work with one hour’s work.


Robin Joyce

By Now you’re probably wondering how much this amazing software will set you back? (is it worth creating your own unique Lead Magnets & Ebooks, or is it better to buy another $17 PLR each week til you find one that does it’s job?)

Get DIY Lead Magnets Today and use it AS MANY TIME AS YOU WANT for Just ...

$27 (Dime sale)

For that $27 you seriously can create as MANY as you want, from the included database of 20,000 plus articles, and thousands of images, You can tweak and edit to your hearts content, and by doing so ensure your LeadMagnets and Ebooks are UNIQUE and WILL Grow Your List and Make You Affiliate Commissions!

And of course – You can try it risk free for 30 days.

By investing in DIY Lead Magnets Today, You will have 12 months access to create as many Lead Magnets & Ebooks (Including Covers) as you want to, using our built in database of articles and images, tweak, edit and add links etc. to your hearts content, and GROW Your list and commissions before deciding whether to renew your subscription in 12 months time!

So Go Ahead – Make Your Day GREAT (& ours a little sweeter)

Buy it now and get instant access, You could have your first lead magnet and new subscribers by the end of the day!

Risk Free Acceptance Form: Your Order is 100% Safe & Secure

Yes Randy & Anton. I am Ready to Start Creating Cash Pulling Lead Magnets Today.


  • I understand that by placing my secure order today. I will be getting instant access to this powerful sofware that is capable of creating unlimited lead magnets without writing a word myself.
  • I'll be following your powerful 3 step formula that make this so easy for me, regardless of experience.
  • I know that this software is 100% legitimate, 100% legal and 100% what I need right now.
  • You've made it a very easy decision whith your iron-clad money back guarantee and I'm ready to start right now, so I'm clicking the secure order button below.

DIY Lead Magnets

Warmest Regards



P.S. Don’t be like Anton and leave it 8 years before you think about list building!

Grab DIY Lead Magnets Today, and start building Your List NOW!

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